About us

QL VIETNAM AGRORESOURCES LIABILITY LIMITED COMPANY was established on year 2008 is 100% foreign investment from QL Group Malaysia – leading producer in Malaysia output more than 3,200,000 eggs / day, in Indonesia 800,000 eggs / day. With an investment of over 400 billion dong, we have built a 36 hectares farm located at Tay Ninh, Vietnam. Current, output has reached more than 600,000 eggs/ day and plan to achieve output of 1 million eggs / day in the near future.


We used closed farm technology with advantages: good bio security and control environment. Chickens were raised in clean, modern breeding facilities with temperature and moisture were controlled by computer system, with high-tech ventilation system always supply fresh-air and cool in chicken house.

Implementation the good system of quality control processes, vaccinate, feeding, grading eggs by machine which imported from Denmark, sanitized by UV, packing for ensuring that QL eggs are always fresh, clean and safe to customers.

We have invested egg sanitizer machine to supply to Mc Donald’s Vietnam, five star hotels and catering. It is the unique egg sanitizer machine in Vietnam.